Discover the easiest way to earn on your digital assets. 

What is Bitmonsters?

Bitmonsters is a fast-growing financial technology company that provides crypto services. We believe that decentralization, cryptocurrencies and blockchain are the future. Our goal is to make these things easily accessible to as many people as possible. We try to redefine the view of digital wealth. We work to ensure that everyone can create the best earning opportunities in the Digital Age and thus build a self-determined life. You can find more Information about our incredibly experienced team in our About us. 

Bitmonsters Logo

Bitmonsters mission

Bitmonsters mission is to unlock the full potential of digital assets, combine them with the most lucrative opportunities in all financial markets and make them accessible to the world. 

To achieve this, we offer an innovative digital asset platform that combines traditional and decentralized finance in the simplest possible way. 

You can find more detailed information about Bitmonsters goals in the Roadmap.

Bitmonsters sources of income

1. Bitmonsters Trading
Bitmonsters Trading

Bitmonsters is a leading global analytics company with a mission to simplify trading. Break through the chaos and complexity with real-time data on events impacting global markets. State-of-the-art technology and best-in-class market tools.

2. Bitmonsters Crypto wallet
Bitmonsters Wallet

A cryptocurrency wallet software that allows you to trade various cryptocurrencies securely. Our wallet will be one of the most advanced in this field and will allow easy handling.


3. Bitmonsters Crypto cards
Bitmonsters Card

With the BitMonsters card you can spend and save money in several ways.Imagine your cryptocurrencies are always and everywhere available for you, no more restrictions.


4. Bitmonsters ATMs
Bitmonsters ATM

With many ATMs, you can withdraw your digital assets anywhere and anytime you need them. A number of ATMs have already been installed in Dubai, and the aim is to provide this flexibility throughout the world.

Luis Casper Dunweber
Louis Casper Dünweber (CEO)

Founder and CEO of Bitmonsters, a digital wealth management platform that brings the best of decentralized finance to a diverse global userbase.

About Louis Casper Dünweber

He is a millionaire businessman. Over 7 years experience in stock trading and 4 years in cryptocurrency trading. Manages 2 portfolios consisting of day trading and long term investing.

What he says about himself:

“I have been involved in the development and creation of a number of companies, as well as managed and advised them throughout.

Being from both the legal community as well as being involved on the business management side, I have had the unique experience to look at business challenges from multiple perspectives”. 

Also have a look on his Instagram Profile.

Bitmonsters Investment Packages

At Bitmonsters there are currently different investment packages, which have the same returns, but different maturities. The weekly profit is about 6%. It is important to note that at the end of the term, the invested capital is not paid back. Therefore, the net profit of the different packages amounts to between 115-194%. The minimum investment amount is $100 and increases to $100,000 until the largest package.

Investment Falcon
Investment Starship
Investment Space X
Why is the return on larger Bitmonsters packages higher?

It is important to understand that the higher returns on the larger investment packages result from the fact that the terms are longer and, as mentioned earlier, at the end of the term the original investment is not repaid. So, since the weekly return of 6% is paid out more often, the return on the larger packages is higher.

Investment Super Heavy
Investment Bitmonster
How do I register with Bitmonsters?

The registration process of Bitmonsters is very simple, just click on the “Register now” button, enter your personal data and complete the registration. Then go to the dashboard, load your wallet with BTC or USDT (TRC) and select the desired investment package. Congratulations, your are now an official investor of Bitmonsters.