➤ Everyone knows that expensive TV or radio advertising no longer works these days. Internet advertising, on social media for example, is also seen by many as rather annoying. That’s why Bitmonsters relies on one of the most effective and honest forms of marketing, referral marketing. Satisfied customers recommend our project to others, we get a larger reach and the customer gets a small reward, so a win/win situation is created.

➤ Bitmonsters has developed an effective and fair remuneration system, from which both sides benefit together.

➤ Everyone decides for themselves whether they enjoy purely the passive income from their investment, or whether they want to actively build up another income.

Bitmonsters Marketing Plan

As soon as you have purchased a package, a marketing plan is opened for you.

You become a partner of the 1st rank. Your depth bonus is 5%.

As soon as you invite only 2 partners with deposits or help them make a turnover of 2 500$ in the structure, you close the second rank and your deep bonus is already 8%.

And you will receive a difference with your partners in the amount of 8% -5% = 3% from the entire depth of your structure. Also, if you invite a partner to the first line, you will earn all 8%.

Bitmonsters Marketing 1

As soon as these partners have a turnover of more than $10,000, you close the 3rd rank and your deep bonus is 11%. And so on until the 17th rank.

Bitmonsters Marketing 2

Consider an example:

You purchased a package and invited two partners with deposits of $10,000 each, you earned 5% each ($500+$500) and automatically closed the 4th rank, and your deep bonus is 14%.

Bitmonsters Marketing 3

Suppose one of these partners made a turnover in his team of $4000, the second $5000, you get a difference of 9%, since you have 14%, and your partners have another 5%. 14%-5%=9% and that’s $810. Here are the benefits of deep marketing. Helping your partners to earn, you always earn more.

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